Prayers for Ukraine

God of all, with alarm and concern we bring before you
the military intervention in Ukraine.
In a world you made for peace and flourishing,
we lament the use of armed force.
We mourn every casualty of this conflict,
every precious life extinguished by war.
We pray comfort for those who grieve
and those who are fearful.
Hear our longing that leaders and nations
will honour the worth of all people
by having the courage
to resolve conflict through dialogue.
May all our human failings be transformed
by your wonderful grace and goodness.
We ask this in the name of Christ,
the author of peace and sustainer of Creation.
(From the Joint Public Issues Team of the United Reformed

God of the past, the present and the future
Our thoughts and prayers are with our sisters and brothers in the
Ukraine and the surrounding countries in their fear and distress
We pray that reconciliation will overcome hatred,
peace will conquer war,
hope will replace despair
and that your plans for the region will be fulfilled,
God, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.
(from the World Day of Prayer International Committee).