We offer a COMMUNITY LUNCH on the first Thursday of each month and everyone is welcome to come along. The next Community Lunch is on:

Thursday 4 July 2024 at 12 noon there is none in August 2024, the following Community Lunch is on Thursday 5 September 2024 at 12 noon

Main course and dessert = £6.00

Bitterne United Reformed Church is pleased to announce the installation of a defibrillator, alongside our entrance, which will benefit our local community. With thanks to all those who generously donated and arranged for it to be available for use in record time.

Round About Café started in January 2022, and is at Westfield Corner, Wide Lane, Mansbridge SO18 2LE.

It’s a not for profit venture selling drinks and food and offering social events such as board games, music and craft afternoons. It also has a community pantry to help those on tight budgets or who want to help reduce food waste. Membership costs £1 per year and is open to every Southampton resident, and it allows you to buy 10 food items for £3.50 or 15 items for £5. They are looking for more people to join the scheme, and to volunteer. They receive the food from Fareshare, and the more people signing up means that the donations from Fareshare increase, which reduces food waste and helps the community.



Bitterne URC Community Cafe – Coffee Mornings

We are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Feel free to turn up any time between 10.00 am until 11.30 am when we will be pleased to welcome you.

Refreshments are provided and any voluntary contributions received are donated to a charitable cause every 3 months.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Bitterne United Reformed Church has been displaying a rainbow as a tribute to the NHS and all key workers who continue to support us during these difficult times.  The heart in the cloud is symbolic of a dear friend and member who has passed away. The words change on a regular basis and they currently say ‘Together is the way forward’ and ‘Welcome’  With the people of Ukraine uppermost in our thoughts, we have some prayers for the Ukraine if you wish to click here


You can benefit from the launch of FoodCycle’s first free communal meals’ service in Southampton:

The Sholing-based FoodCycle Project will begin on the evening of Wednesday 26th July at 6 p.m,

at the Sholing Salvation Army venue on

93 North East Road SO19 8AF.

This FoodCycle Project will be managed and supported by FoodCycle’s (new) Regional Manager for the South East of England, Natalie Capaldi.

FoodCycle is a national charity with the Vision of making food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every Community.



FoodCycle’s free Check in and Chat service, is open to anyone in the City who could benefit from a chat with a friendly volunteer every week.

FoodCycle is a national charity with the Vision of making food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every Community.