A Message from an Elder

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter we have just celebrated Easter and our Lords resurrection, it was good to be able to meet together this year in person and mark this most important event in the Christian calendar. Our special thanks go to Dave White who led us in our communion services on Maundy Thursday and at 8.00am on Easter day and our very moving Tenebrae service on Good Friday evening. Thanks also to Margaret Whale and Jill who led our Easter day family service and to Jill for providing breakfast for 28!   
As it looks as though we shall be without a minister for some considerable time, we are even more grateful to those friends in our own fellowship who are willing to lead worship, perhaps you feel you may be able to help serve in this way? Please do speak to me if you do.  

At our parade service last month, we were thrilled to recognise Rosie Taylors’ appointment as Captain of the 15th Southampton Company of the Girls Brigade and thank her for being willing to serve in this way, we assure her of our continued prayers and support.  At the same time, we marked Margaret Whales’ 32 years as Captain and thanked her for all her years of service, in addition we celebrated with Elisabeth Greenham 30 years as an Officer too, both in our company and the new one she started in Chandlers Ford. 

We also recently presented Janet Gotham with a token of the church’s appreciation of all the hard work she had done over recent months, especially as she moved house during that time as well!  We are so fortunate in having friends who are willing to serve our church in so many different ways and we gave thanks for all of them.  

At our recent AGM Liz Lloyd, Dave White and I stood down as serving elders as we had all completed six years (Dave had done seven due to Covid!).  This means in addition to our secretary and treasurer we now have only two serving elders (Cheryl and Anne), please do give some thought as to whether you could serve in this capacity and speak to Janet if you would like to know more.  You will need to have been in membership of the church for at least a year.  

We continue to be saddened by the news from Ukraine and pray that peace may soon come to this country and its people.  The concert given by the New Music Makers and arranged by Margaret Whale was attended by over seventy people and with online and subsequent donations has raised over £1300 for the DEC Appeal. Thank you all for your support and continued prayers for the situation there. 

Whilst the war in Ukraine is uppermost in our minds we must not forget that there are other places in the world which continue to require our prayerful and financial support, not least those areas being helped by Mission Aviation Fellowship which our friend Dave Bevis told us about recently.  May I thank you on his behalf for the postcards you have donated to help raise funds for this cause, please do continue to pop them in the box in the corridor, any postcards new or old, used or not are most welcome.   

Finally, as we look towards another Christian Aid Week may I invite you to support this in any way you can.  Details elsewhere in Outlook.  

Gods Blessings,