IBRA Readings 2022


Have you thought about having a daily Bible Reading book in 2022, the year in which the IBRA celebrates its 140th anniversary? The International Bible Reading Association (IBRA)’s main publication is called “FRESH from the WORD” giving a whole year of daily readings from both the Old and New Testaments. On their 135th year, they released a celebratory special edition which has 8 weeks of daily study notes on a variety of themes. You will be travelling to Samoa, Argentina, South Africa, Trinidad, Mexico, Panama, Israel, the US, Scotland and England. The themes include feasting with God, seeing with the Spirit, Jesus’ atonement for sin as at-one-ment, gardening and the spiritual life and covenants and promises. This is available for £1, along with the FFTW book. If you have access to the website, more information about the new publication being offered can be found at http://christianeducation.org.uk/freshfromtheword

Books cost £10.99, and the 2021 version is now available at £5. IBRA also sell a selection of other Christian books and Christmas cards. I shall be happy to place orders and share postage costs and get it to you in time for 1st January.

As not everyone is back at church yet, please telephone or email me if you wish me to place an order for you, or if you would like more information. Thank you, Maria Boys