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Have you thought about having a daily Bible Reading book in 2021?   The International Bible Reading Association (IBRA)s main publication is called “FRESH from the WORD” giving a whole year of daily readings from both the Old and New Testaments.

If you have access to the website, more information about the new publication being offered can be found at

Books cost £9.99. IBRA also sell a selection of other Christian books and Christmas cards. I shall be happy to place orders and share postage costs and get it to you in time for 1st December.

As not everyone is back at church yet, please telephone or email me if you wish me to place an order for you, or if you would like more information.   Thank you,  Maria Boys



Religious leaders (including URC’s) urge Boris Johnson to establish child poverty commission…..

The Revd Dr John Bradbury, General Secretary of the United Reformed Church, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, along with 18 other religious leaders in the UK, have urged the government to establish a cross-party commission to address the underlying causes of child poverty in the country.  In a letter to the Prime Minster published on 29 October, the leaders say:                                                                         “More than twenty years ago, the government of the time promised to eliminate UK child poverty within a generation and yet child poverty has remained stubbornly high under the leadership of all political parties. No one can take the moral high ground because this is endemic to our economic structure and seems to fall outside our moral imperatives. “We can and must do something together to remove this injustice.”

Child poverty is not a new problem. The rising use of food banks, most of them run by churches, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras and mosques, is the extreme and visible manifestation of a much broader and deep-seated problem.                                                                     “According to the official statistics, child poverty has been growing and deepening for years as a large and growing number of low and insecurely paid working families struggle to make ends meet, exacerbated further by the impact of Covid-19.”  The leaders also say that more action is needed to respond to the immediate needs of families who are suffering under the extreme economic pressures generated by the pandemic.  “Others argued that [providing food vouchers] was only a ‘sticking plaster’, and that what we need is long-term solutions that address the underlying causes of child poverty. Others still pointed out that this was not solely government’s responsibility — and that parents, voluntary groups, and communities also have an important role in combatting child poverty,” the leaders added.                                       “We agree with all these arguments. But, instead of politicising this issue and arguing over individual policies, we urgently need to establish a cross-party commission with the mandate and resources to tackle child poverty in England, once and for all.”

The complete article, full letter and list of signatories can be found on the United Reformed Church Website at




Girls Brigade 75th Anniversary

As you know, Margaret and Rosie had originally intended for the Brigade and the church to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the GB’s time in Bitterne in a very special and unforgettable way – by performing Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat along with members of our Boys Brigade. Rehearsals were going well, we had meetings to sort out the costumes and ideas for the stage, but then COVID happened, and it was all put on hold.  In the end, celebrations were a very quiet event but pleasurable none the less. Margaret organized a pottery painting session on the half term Monday, and some girls and staff enjoyed a quiet and socially distanced painting session in our church hall. Those who were self- isolating were sent an item, either a plate, vase or cup, to paint at home. All items were then collected to be glazed.

Maria Boys