Lenten Reflections Week 5

Ephesians 4: 6 Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

So, let us pray

Listening God
You listen to us, hear what we are saying
and you answer us in your own way
Open our ears to hear your voice
and help us to listen carefully to
what you are saying to us

Compassionate God
You suffer with us; encourage us as you watch over us
with vigilance and an outpouring of grace
Help us to step out bravely, in faith
to love and care for your people
just as you asked of us

Liberating God
Free us; guide us
show us the path we need to take
to seek, believe and follow you
We want to see you clearly and understand you deeply
Show us how; enable us

Living God
You meet us and greet us where we are
Teach us how to meet people right where they are
And as we make our way to the foot of the cross
help us to understand that death is not the end,
and that you are alive with us

Loving God
Touch and embrace us
Mould us into people who are always striving
to break down the walls of injustice hate
aiming always to come face-to-face
with your grace – each of us.

Listening, Compassionate, Liberating, Living, Loving God, we pray this prayer in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, who lived, died and who rose again so that we might have everlasting life ~ Amen.